Casino Craps Rules

Craps is interesting game, which needs one to place 2 bets and it is simple game and simple to understand. One should thoroughly know the rules of this game before starting the play and 4 to 6 players play Casino Craps on table with two dice. Objective of game is rolling particular number on first throw after placing the bet. One should be completely aware of chances of number appearing on throw. This will increase chances of winning bet and there are more than six methods of getting seven whereas two or else twelve will appear just once.

Player who throws dice is a shooter and player wins that bet if he rolls seven first times around. Number that comes in second throw is a point number and shooter can continue rolling dice until this number comes again. However, if seven comes in second roll, then player loses the bet, however continues his point.

After that next round of play start. One more player becomes shooter and starts throwing dice as before. Craps table has 4 main characters. Two dealers pay winners & remove their chips in case they lose. Box man controls roll of a dice and stickman regulates speed of a game.

Two-colored marker indicated type of throw of a dice. When black side is up that means, it is first throws of dice. When white side is up that means shooter has one point number & one should place marker on that number.

One should place first bet named pass bet. In case first throw gets 7 or 11 one wins same amount that one has bet. In case dice throws up two, 3 or 12 then one loses a bet. Any other figure other than these gets the point number.

One needs to place second bet on set number. One should get same point number in order to win both the bets. In case one gets seven before point number then one loses both the bets. To make sure a successive wins one need to study chances of winning with numbers.

Chance of winning with ten is much better and one will get double amount of wager with that number. With five or 9 card, one gets 1-1/2 times wager and with 6 or 8 one gets 30 % chance of winning bet. Probability of winning is much higher with odds wager and on odds wager casino edge is below 1 % & one has best options of winning prize money.

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