How Casinos Encourage You to Keep Wagering- Part 2

Another way the casino encourages you to wager is by creating great games. Developers are great at this part. Just look at any casino—even a small one—these days and likely you are going to see the vast array of games out there. This is where you get to see how far gambling has come over the years.

If you look at a casino a few years ago you are going to see the differences. Ten years ago the games were limited. Sure you may find a casino with a lot of slots, but they would be of one general style and wager. Now, you can go to a casino and find a huge array of games to play.

This is thanks to the developers who realize how valuable a wider selection of games is. They know that the more games they create, the more likely they are to attract that many more gamblers to play them. Most gamblers like to vary their wagering too so they work with as many games as possible. People also have different bankrolls throughout any given month and want the chance to wager no matter what their limits are. This is where the differing wager requiring games come into play. Casinos put these games in because they know that this assures more people than ever are going to be able to play. The more people playing, the more money the casino makes.

Finally, casinos create bonus programs that depend on the customer wagering that much more. For example, a good casino may have a VIP program that pays them back all the more as they continue to wager more. They may start off earning points back per $25 they wager but soon move to making one point for every $20 they wager. Then, that changes to one point every $15 and finally every $10 they wager. This is another way the casino encourages gamblers to continue their wagering. They give them something back at a faster rate based on the more they wager. All these tactics are to spur gamblers to continue wagering that much quicker. This is not always a bad thing though- if you are within your bankroll limits then taking a chance on a good promotion is what gambling is all about.

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