Marathon Runners Make Their Ways through Las Vegas

If you ever wondered about the diversity that is going into Las Vegas, then wonder no more. The fact is that city organizers are continuously pushing for more and more development as the months go on. The recession caused every economy to stumble- even Las Vegas. It is a city that has long had success in terms of resilience, but the recession was hard on it too. There are plenty of changes going on right now that are holding it back still. The unemployment rate for the city is still hefty. The number of mortgages in default is still at a record high too. These put together are making it difficult for people to revive and casinos are doing their best to turn things around too.

The bottom line for them is that they need to be proactive in bringing in new customers and trying to make things work. They are coming to the market with little left over cash to wager with and this is what is making it difficult for gaming companies to manage through. They have to consistently come up with different ways of building revenue and one great one is to continue to build promotions and specials. You are going to see a surge in unusual events coming through the city too- to maximize the number of people passing through and give others an added attraction to enjoy.

That is exactly what happened recently when an entire marathon was scheduled through the city. More than 40,000 runners were diverted through the city at night. Their biggest advantage was the fact that at night, all the beautiful city lights are at full capacity. This is exactly what those runners were dazzled by. They did cause one major mishap though- a traffic jam.That was to be expected and since this was the first year of the marathon. Organizers have already said that they will change things up next year to avoid the same jams. They know the strain it put on the city for a few hours and want to avoid that in the future. The good news though is that they are working on the future and bringing more runners into The Strip as a main attraction.

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