Poker Going Strong Despite DOJ’s Moves

Poker lovers all over the US have been up in the air for a long time now. If you recall, earlier this year the Department of Justice came up against the three main poker websites. They shut them down alleging that their owners were committing various illegal activities. The issue is under investigation still, but it left millions of poker players without an online location to wager at. This is a problem for most people who love to game because the other options just aren’t there as readily. There are some changes coming into play though. The issue of “illegal activity” though is still up for grabs.

The alleged guilt parties have their own defenses but now it seems that business as usual is coming about. There are still some growing pains that the market is going through but poker is as strong as ever. One of the telltale signs of growth is the popularity of gambling at the poker tables. For example, if you look at the WSOP table numbers you can get a clear picture of the changes that poker has undertaken. The game of poker has been just as popular post-controversy.

One thing that organizers of the WSOP were concerned with was whether or not the numbers of attendance would be down. Many organizers were bracing for a backlash due to the DOJ’s crackdown. That backlash never came though. It was almost immediately evident that poker numbers were just as strong as ever. The first sign was the amount of hotel rooms booked during the time of the WSOP.

There were record numbers that were coming in- this was great news for organizers who knew that they were on the brink of a strong market despite the problems.

Once poker proved its worth, it was able to return to old patterns. Yes- there are still problems going on with the market and the legalities of online gambling.

Right now states are putting together their own gambling laws that should help them with money and regulation. The DOJ is still investigating illegalities, but they are also opening the door for future gambling to continue to develop throughout the new year.

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